• Shawnee Renee & Coach E. Clark

Meet Coach E. Clark and Shawnee Renee

Mr. and Mrs. Clark wanted to turn their passion for people, sports, and entertainment into a small business. The couple wanted a way to bring like-minded individuals together more often to create ideas, motivate, and inspire one another to be the best people possible. The Clark's want to help contribute to individuals' social, emotional, and physical health through lifetime sports, family travel, and social events. Coach E. Clark also known as C.E.C is a physical educator who loves to participate in lifetime sports such as bowling, badminton, and pickleball. C.E.C's ultimate goal is to teach his fellow millennials the benefits of playing and competing in lifetime sports at an early age. Shawnee Renee is an elementary school educator with a passion for teaching, travel, and event planning. Shawnee Renee believes in getting outside of your comfort zone to seek new adventures and try new things.

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